Plenty of us enjoy making the most of our garden in the warmer months. Being able to enjoy the company of friends and family and sharing a barbecue is a classic example of this. However, when the weather changes, we are faced with the task of protecting the furniture we have invested in.

One of the more popular garden furniture sets available today is the rattan cube set. This is a modern, stylish and practical set that looks good in any size or shape of garden. It is great when you’re short on space too because everything tucks away into a compact square.

Protecting your rattan cube set

It is important to make sure your rattan cube set is adequately protected via a garden furniture cover when the sun fades and the rotten weather sets in. If you’re not careful your garden furniture could end up looking rotten as well. This is why you should look for a top quality cover that is the right size to provide proper protection for your set.

It is worth avoiding the cheapest covers to ensure your garden furniture really is protected. Look for features including long lasting brass eyelets, heavy duty security ties and a good quality wipe clean surface as well. It should also be fully waterproof to enable your cover to shrug off even the worst weather. If your furniture has to stay outside all winter you’ll want a cover that offers full winter protection as well.

Do you need small, medium or large?

Cube set covers come in a range of different sizes to accommodate whichever set you happen to have. They are all 71cm high but vary in terms of width and length. Our small cover measures 117cm square while in contrast the medium cover measures 125cm square. Finally the large cover is 135cm square.Rattan cube set

These are our best selling garden furniture covers, proving just how popular this type of garden table and chairs really is. Before you buy it is a good idea to go outside and measure your rattan cube set to see which size cover you need. The cover should be slightly bigger to make sure it will easily slide over the top and stay in place. The security ties also help ensure the cover stays put and doesn’t get blown off in high winds.

While you don’t want to buy the cheapest possible covers since they’re not of good quality, you still want great value. We’re proud to offer this and we offer fast delivery too. In fact you can look forward to getting your rattan cube set cover tomorrow if you can order it before 3pm today.

Our website offers plenty of choice and provides top quality covers that will enable you to get the longest possible life out of your rattan cube set. This garden furniture can last for many years if it is properly looked after. Investing in a heavy duty cover now will ensure you don’t have to worry about your furniture the moment the skies start to darken.