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Our covers come in a range of different materials, depending on the quality of cover you want, your budget, and the furniture you’re protecting.

Oren Preserver Range

Oren Preserver Cover

The Oren Preserver range is designed specifically with cost in mind, offering protection from the elements at a price you’ll love. They’re made from tough woven polyethylene to give great protection against summer showers, and they’re UV stabilised for sun protection, too. Having drawstrings, they can be tied down to your furniture, so you needn't worry when the wind picks up. Please note that this range is water resistant and not 100% waterproof.

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Oren Deluxe Range

Oren Deluxe Cover

More upmarket, the Oren Deluxe range features a PVC backing for added strength and durability. Again, they’re made from tough woven polyester which has been UV stabilised, and are wipe clean. Made to higher standards, this range features brass coated eyelets, heavy duty ties and cord locks, and waterproof taped seams on the top panel joints. The seams are also double sewn for added strength. So, whatever the weather, these protectors can be used all year round to keep your furniture looking great.

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Checking Measurements Before You Buy

Don’t forget to get that tape measure out! Our products come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit the majority of garden furniture – just check the product listing for full measurements. It’s important that you measure your furniture before you buy so as not to order the wrong size in error – simply measure the circumference or width, the depth and the height and choose the cover that most closely matches the dimensions of your furniture.

How to Clean Your Garden Cover

All of our covers are wipe clean for convenience – simply sponge down with warm water and soap. Don’t forget though, make sure your cover is completely dry before packing it away to make it last for as long as possible.

What is the Water Shedding Pole Used For?

Simple to use, this pole allows you to cover sets with high backed chairs without being left with puddles of water on top of your cover. The water shedding pole simply stands in the centre of your table underneath the cover to raise it above the height of the back of the chairs. It is made from lightweight stainless steel and features a plastic top to prevent any damage to your cover. Strong and sturdy, the pole can withstand the elements just as well as your furniture cover.

Water Shedding Pole