Many of us invest a significant sum in good quality garden furniture. It is surprising therefore that we wouldn’t invest in equally good quality protection to ensure the furniture stays safe throughout the winter months.

It can of course be difficult to decide which particular type of cover to buy. That’s why we have created this buying guide for you, so you can make a more educated choice when it comes to protecting your garden furniture.

A Guide to Buying Garden Furniture Covers

If you decide to buy a cheap set of plastic garden furniture, you can easily stack the chairs together and put them in the shed or garage in the run up to winter, along with the table. Of course, you may not have room to do this. In addition you may opt to buy heavier and more expensive wooden garden furniture or cast iron garden furniture. This cannot easily be moved or stored, which means it will be left out to fend for itself in colder and damper weather.

This is where garden furniture covers come into play. You may have seen very cheap covers available locally that seem very tempting to buy. However, they are not usually worth the money. If they are cheap they are unlikely to last through the winter. They may not be 100% waterproof, as some people have found to their cost.

The moral here is that it is worth spending a little more and getting a top quality cover to protect your furniture – especially if you have spent a reasonable amount on the furniture in the first place. So let’s find out more about how to measure for a cover and how to choose the right one for your needs.

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Selecting and Measuring your Furniture Before Buying

Tape Measure

If you have yet to buy your garden furniture, make sure you get this first. It might sound obvious but as you will see, there are several different shapes and sizes of furniture covers. Some are designed to protect circular tables while others are designed for square or rectangular ones. You can also get covers specifically made to cover a bistro set complete with two chairs.

Once you have your furniture made up, tuck the chairs in as tightly as they will go around the table. You’ll need a tape measure to make sure you have the right dimensions to match up to the closest size of cover; it might also help if you have someone on hand to hold the other end of the tape measure for you. Don’t make the mistake of measuring the table on its own, even though the chairs will be tucked in.

There are two or three measurements you will need to take, the first of which will be needed whatever type of garden furniture you have. This is the height, which must be measured from the ground to the top of the highest backed chair. Next, you will need the width and length of the set, or if it is a round table, the measurement across the widest part. Measurements in inches or centimetres are fine; just make sure they are all the same.

Should you Choose the Deluxe or Preserver Range?

The Oren Preserver Range is slightly cheaper than the Oren Deluxe range when comparing two similar sized covers. However in each case you are getting a very good quality furniture cover.

The Oren Preserver range offers water resistant protection along with UV protection as well. This is something cheaper sets do not always have; it is possible for cheaper covers to protect against water (at least to some extent) but not against UV rays. This means your furniture can fade even when it is covered.

Our Oren Preserver Range also offers drawstrings so the cover can be put over the top of your furniture and then tightened up and tied securely at the bottom. With a wipe clean surface as well, you will find it very easy to keep your furniture protected.

Alternatively you can opt for our Oren Deluxe Range. For just a few pounds more per cover, you can enjoy even better protection for your garden furniture. This offers complete winter protection and is waterproof and UV tested to withstand UV rays. It also features brass eyelets for longer lasting performance, along with heavy duty security ties. When you have your cover up furniture cover securely in place, you can be sure your furniture will be safely protected from wind, rain, snow and anything else the weather throws at it.

As you can see, whichever protectors you choose from our range, you can be sure of getting the best deals at all times. With exceptional quality and long lasting performance, your garden furniture will continue looking its best for a long time to come.

deluxe quality range