Garden furniture isn’t a purchase you make in a few short minutes. You’re likely to take your time evaluating different materials, designs and finishes. It makes sense then that when you do decide which garden furniture set to get, you take additional steps to protect it for as long as you can. This is particularly true when it comes to expensive items that are built to last.

The best way to do this is to buy premium furniture covers that will keep the elements from doing damage to your much loved garden furniture.


Smart reasons to buy premium covers for your garden furniture

When you take a closer look at the furniture covers we offer, you’ll see they come in three types – standard, deluxe and premium. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest range there are several good reasons why you should opt for the premium covers.

Firstly the fabric used is breathable. This means that while it is fully waterproof it is also designed to let your furniture air. This prevents moisture build up which can lead to damp and mould spoiling the colour and finish of your furniture – not to mention a shortened lifespan in some cases. Breathable fabric is not used in all ranges so if you want the very best coverage and protection, premium quality covers are the ones to go for.

Secondly the seams are all double sewn. Even when waterproof fabric is used to make covers like these, the rain can still get in along the seams if they are not properly finished. Double stitching ensures this cannot happen. It also means you can have confidence your furniture will stay looking its best even when the heavens open and unleash rain, snow or hail.


Choose our range for the best service and quality

It is quite easy to spend hundreds of pounds on a good quality set of expensive garden furniture. It makes sense then to invest in a premium garden furniture cover that is of equally good quality. These premium covers provide peace of mind that your expensive furniture will be properly covered and protected throughout the year – even in the depths of winter.

The good news is you can get an assortment of premium covers for all your furniture too. You can buy a suitably sized cover for your patio table and chairs, as well as buying one for your garden bench. We also stock them for swing seats and cantilever parasols, not to mention companion seats.

As you can see we provide plenty of choice but you can also look forward to a fast delivery service. If you place your order before 3pm you can expect same day dispatch as standard, meaning you could be covering up your garden furniture as early as tomorrow.

One final word of advice – do make sure you measure your furniture properly prior to ordering your covers. This will ensure you get the best fit and can give your furniture the premium protection it requires.